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Start your career today!

Get a well paid HORECA job in England in 3 simple steps:

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Call +40 726 130 682

Talk to a consultant about the job you want and find out the complete offer.

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Hold a quick and easy interview

Holds a quick and easy interview to assess knowledge in the field.

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We find the job you want

We offer you the most advantageous HORECA jobs in England depending on your wishes.

Stratton Recruitment offer

Labor contract

Employment contract for a period between 3 months and 12 months, respectively, depending on the program you apply to, with the possibility of extension.

Records consulting

Consultancy in order to obtain the necessary documents to be able to work on the territory of England (National Insurance Number, opening the bank account).


Finding an accommodation near the workplace either through the employer or through our collaborators (the price of accommodation varies between 35-50 pounds per week with all utilities included).


Assistance during the contract, physically in exceptional cases as well as by telephone or via the Internet.

Consulting courses

Consulting for enrollment in the National Vocation Qualification course.

Post-contract consulting

Consulting in order to recover the taxes from the state after the termination of the employment contract.

Over 100 jobs available for you in HORECA UK

Required documents and eligibility

  • Copy of passport, bulletin and criminal record;
  • CV in English, Recommendations from previous employers and diplomas obtained;
  • Certificate from your family doctor that you are clinically healthy;
  • Knowledge of an advanced level of English especially for the positions offered in the restaurant or reception where the conversation is a basic element;
  • Experience in the field depending on the position held.
  • Recommendations (optional but considered an advantage)

How does it work?

#01. Send us your resume

Using the form HERE you can send us your CV.

#02. We will contact you

After careful analysis of your file we will contact you.

#03. Leaving for the UK

We will accompany you in the next steps necessary to go to work.

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Jobs available

CVs submitted



Successful employment

See below feedback from candidates that worked with our recruitment agency

% 22Who wants a job in the UK and is interested in a serious company, I recommend Stratton Recruitment. I have been here for a month and I am satisfied with the collaboration with them, more precisely with Mr. Vlad who represents this company. In short, all promises have been kept, and the employer is ok. Stratton Recruitment also helped me get my NINo (National Insurance Number).% 22

Andrei Margarit Cristian

% 22My name is Cuciorva Dumitra and, following my collaboration with Stratton Recruitment, I had a beautiful experience. A young team, but with a vast experience, which does its job seriously. They are sincere and trustworthy. I must say that I was offered consultancy throughout the contract in England. Thanks to Stratton Recruitment.% 22

Dumitra Cuciorva

% 22 Five months ago I turned to Stratton Recruitment for a job as a cook in the UK. Although I did not have extensive experience in the field, I received all the necessary support, managing to benefit from an excellent placement. The support was extended even after I arrived in Great Britain, the company Stratton Recruitment offering me support for opening a bank account and obtaining a National Insurance Number. Personal perspectives tend to expand with getting a job promotion, which once again denotes that in this country the saying: "after work and reward" still works. I would like to congratulate Stratton Recruitment for the professionalism it has shown and I believe that placing a chef who after five months has been promoted as a party chef is a success for both me and the company. ”

Bogdan Rusu

% 22I had learned from friends that Stratton Recruitment treats its clients seriously, but I had the opportunity, about 2 months ago, to convince myself personally. Thank you for your promptness in finding a job in the UK. Initially, I thought I would have to wait at least a month for a job offer, considering the holiday season, but your direct involvement made me, after no more than 2 weeks, support the interview with the employer and thanks to Stratton Recruitment, to be accepted and to start work in approx. one week after the interview. The working and accommodation conditions were observed exactly. This can only make me happy and see your company as a very serious and professional partner. "

Stanciu Marius Bogdan

We work for you, so that you in turn offer the best

My name is Vlad Radu and I am the founder of the recruitment agency: Stratton Recruitment. Below you will find a short presentation of my beginnings in the English realms, as well as what I want to offer you through the services provided by Stratton Recruitment. So I start with my first experience in the UK, which was not a satisfactory one, but it was the one that opened my eyes. Having already a wealth of knowledge in the field of HORECA in Greece, Cyprus and the United States, I was disappointed by the hostile reception of the “English Country”. I arrived here through a recruitment agency in Romania, which at first seemed the most serious on the market, but which along the way demonstrated a degree of information and involvement far too low for me, but also for other employees. That’s why, when I arrived in England, I encountered serious obstacles from the employer.

A hostile employer both in behavior and in speech, who in a short time changed the promised job offer, in unpaid overtime, an accommodation far below expectations and without the necessary training for employment. After a week of torment, I decided to go to London to look for another job. The recruitment agency reacted slowly to my complaints, the communication between me and them being difficult. In the end, after many other impediments, the disastrous beginning had a happy ending, committing me to a correct job from the accommodation conditions to the way I was greeted. After 2 years, I managed to get the position of Restaurant Manager, through hard work, but honest. In the end, I came to the conclusion that life is made of trials, but it is worth trying and fighting for your rights, later being truly rewarded.

Thus, with my new knowledge, my new experimental development, I decided to change this faulty communication system between the employee, the recruitment agency and the employer, setting up Stratton Recruitment. Through this agency, I want to offer you the best job offers in England in the HORECA field, not only tempting, but also correct, possible, without lies or other omissions. Through careful research I will select the best hotels, with a suitable work environment and I will also offer telephone assistance throughout the accommodation period. The purpose of the HORECA employment agency, Stratton Recruitment, aims to initiate you in the new path, to offer you the desired job, which will help you to evolve in your career.


I sent over 562 people to England











0% COMMISSION – the only agency that does not charge a commission

For any kind of information regarding a job in the HORECA field, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some of our partners

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